I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."-Martin Luther King Jr. Even from the day as Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his speech during the Black American Color based discrimination in the United States of America since then much water has been flown to the Mississippi river but yet the issue of identity crisis remains crucial and vital even in the United States of America. Comparatively, far from the United States in South East Asia including Nepal is having the hardest hit of caste based discrimination and issue of untouchability from ancient period and prevails in this 21st century too where a human and another human are different simply because they belong to Dalit caste or they are from untouchable caste groups sounds a big blow to the Human Right Discourse prevailed in the country and various existing rights as they treat equal footage are merely just the showcase objects whether this might have been written in the newly promulgated constitution of Nepal 2073 B.S. Thus, we by ourselves joining hands together have to make the road by walking slowly, collectively and collaboratively to bring visible changes in daily practices and in our community practices and internalized perceptions in mindsets that human is one after all then only the sought transformation is possible.
Thus, NNDSWO as the pioneer first Dalit lead organization in Nepal is advocating for social justice and economic justice of the Dalits and socially excluded and marginalized in Nepal. In a way, there are remarkable achievements that the organization has made in organizing, sensitizing, awareness raising, empowering and transforming the target groups and the right holders in Nepal. In the national arena, our empowered and transformed youths are in leading positions of decision making in Parliament, Upper House, Policy Centers of the government wings, various government commissions and other government staffs and equally in other not for profit and private sectors too. But still, it is just making a few selected one but not holistically to the target group and the right holder.
Impacting Covid-19 context for the world became a remarkable moment to know humankind and its mere poorness in front of the nature. We were limited in within a restricted wall or in a room merely fearing with fellow human being of transmitting the virus. Thus, it impacted our national efforts and district efforts parallel. Our projects were revisited in setting its objectives again so various project cycles became revised as soon after the slowness of the virus in the country, mainstream national life again is towards normality so is the organization and the project implementations too.
Slow and steady wins the race, guided by the proverb NNDSWO is marching ahead towards transforming the Dalits in Nepal in this connection as the national NGO the organization is always in the forefront of advocacy and campaign initiatives of violation of human rights and other caste based discrimination and violations including Rukum Soti human massacre in the name of inter-caste marriage between Dalit and non-Dalit.
This annual report is the reflection of NNDSWO’s one year’s interventions made so very humbly we would like to present it for wider dissemination to understand us in close and detail and have like-mindedness developed and solidarity extended in being vocalled in the issue of social injustice, human right violation, Dalit and Untouchability issues and other socially excluded and marginalized issues in Nepal. We have tried to be the voice of the unheard voices of sub-altern people and community of Nepal. Looking forward:
Prabhash Devkota
Executive Director