We live in challenging and uncertain times. While it is impossible to predict how events till unfold in the coming weeks and months, we want you to know that you can count on us. NNDSWO has been here to support and advance the basic needs and rights of our target groups over the last 40 years, and we will continue to be here in these difficult times.
We are committed to being flexible, innovative and nimble to respond rapidly as COVID-19 impacts our communities. Therefore, this year we implemented Covid-19 affects mitigation projects widely. In addition, we are collaborating closely with the various development partners in this regard as well as other community partners, to effectively deploy resources to those in the greatest need and to support on the frontlines.
We are working to keep our community healthy, safe and informed. We are following guidance from public health officials to keep our team and partners healthy. We are planning to ensure continuity of operations. We will be in touch with our nonprofit partners.
While combatting together in the issue of Dalit and untouchability in Nepal, we have marched a long way to transform the target groups. Yet, the holistic transformation has not been realized which demands a collaborative and participatory approach of development partners and other stakeholders including non- Dalits in to the fore front of caste based discrimination in Nepal.
As the champion organization in advocacy and campaign initiatives on rights issues of socially excluded and marginalized NNDSWO has made significant national and international contribution by engaged participation on issues of human right violations of the target groups and has brought them widely in public domain and has initiated processing for formal fight against such violations. As NNDSWO envisions a caste based discrimination free society in Nepal where all the Dalits and socially excluded and marginalized may enjoy the dignified life by obtaining economic transformation thus NNDSWO is working in the sector of Livelihood generation, income generation, enterprise development and entrepreneurship development of the target groups for holistic transformation. As we understand that ‘Hungry stomach cannot claim his/her right’.
As always looking forward to get engaged within this noble cause, NNDSWO opens its arm to welcome the helping hand and joining hands together to fight against caste based discrimination in Nepal. In the meantime, NNDSWO acknowledges all the development partners, UN agencies, government chapters, like minded NGOs, CSOs, CBOs and community people for their valuable inputs in the journey made by NNDSWO during the period of last year.

Trilok Chand Vishwas VK
National President