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Date: 11 Apr, 2021

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30 Jun, 2012
Dalit Representation in National Politics of Nepal.
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The Statement of Need

Although primary schools education is free in Nepal, majority of children from the dalit communities come from poor background and cannot afford to cater for education requirements that are not provided for by the government. These requirements include school uniforms, shoes, text books and stationery and snacks. Lacks of these basic requirements contribute to keeping the dalit children out of school, further limiting their access to education. In order to increase the level of education and contribute to achieving the millennium development goal [MDG] of achieving y universal primary education by 2015, it is necessary to remove all the hurdles that act as stumbling blocks to this vision. In order to achieve this vision, Nepal will need to have all marginalized dalit communities mainstreamed in education. This project is designed with this in mind.

Objectives of the program
  • To promote educational rights of Dalits by providing 1000 scholarships per year to both primary and secondary school dalit children in Nepal.
  • To raise scholarship funds by partnering with private individuals and corporations by ‘educating’ one or more children by partially or fully sponsoring their education. The sponsorship amounts will be Nrs. 350.00 and 450.00 respectively for both primary-lower secondary and secondary education per child per month including administrative costs.
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