1. GESI: NNDSWO integrates gender equality and social inclusion in all programme interventions and institutional development plan. It is addressed in every stage of programme cycle management.
  2. Conflict Transformation: NNDSWO adopts and promotes non-confrontational and evidence-based advocacy for the justice of all at all levels by mobilizing the support and solidarity of stakeholders minimizing the potential caste conflicts.
  3. HIV/AIDS and Right to Health: NNDSWO works with most vulnerable groups who are deprived of health facilities too which is their fundamental rights. HIV/AIDS issues are advocated by best utilizing the capacity of experienced district chapters
  4. Youth Participation: NNDSWO empowers and mobilizes youth in social transformation dialogue as they are crucial for changing ‘‘attitudes’’ and ‘‘behavior’’ with regard to caste based discrimination and untouchability against Dalit.
  5. Reducing Vulnerability to Disaster Risk: Dalit and socially discriminated groups are much more vulnerable during the time of disaster. NNDSWO advocates for non-discrimination in disaster response and equitable humanitarian services and participation in DRR mechanisms and initiatives.